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Breeders of quality dressage, showjumping and eventing horses

We breed horses suitable for the three Olympic disciplines of dressage, showjumping and eventing. We produce horses suitable for riders of all levels. We invite you to view our range of wonderful youngsters which may be the perfect partner for you.

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Aurum Rivière d'Or Medium Champion at Ballarat

Patch scored success in only his second Medium dressage outing recently, winning a Championship Rug (with a little help from Kim of course!).

Riviere d'Or

Aurum Solarius Champion Warmblood at Summer Royal!

Under the aegis of the highly talented Anthea Wood, Aurum Solarius (aka Smartie) was awarded Champion Warmblood at this year's Melbourne Summer Royal. Smartie is for sale and displays rather impressive movement and jumping ability as well as his good looks!

Aurum Solarius

Aurum family storms
Lakes & Craters 2014!

From left we see Mega (Aurum Simply Brilliant) with Dale Flynn, Derby (Aurum Revoir) with Amarah Henderson, Moby (Aurum Brilliant Connections) with Robyn Brown, Moses (Aurum Brilliant Sun) with Eliza Stott and Noddy (Aurum Aurigan) with Isabeau Garner. The boys and girls all did a super job, bringing home a number of placings. All the horses went clear cross country in the blistering style we've come to expect! We're very proud of you team Aurum.

Aurum Horses at Lakes and Craters 2014

Moby going great guns!

Moby (aka Aurum Brilliant Connections) did his first cross country round with Robyn Brown at the 2014 Candlebark HT recently, placing second with a 70% dressage and awesome clear cross country round. Moby is for sale and is a super Brilliant Invader/Family Ties cross with a big future for a serious competitor.

Video is now on his page.

Brilliant Connections

Aurum Chilli's star debut!

Aurum Chilli competed at Candlebark in his first ever horse trials in the capable hands of Robyn Brown, placing fifth. He was a pleasure to watch cross country and is everything we expected from even before he was born!

Aurum Chilli

Eliza and Moses Star too!

News from Eliza Stott and Moses (aka Aurum Brilliant Sun): 76% and into the lead in the dressage followed by clear SJ and CC rounds means Winner!

First place at the Woady Yallock Horse Trials!

Eliza Stott and Aurum Brilliant Sun

Isabeau and Noddy Star at Narracoorte.

Isabeau Garner and Aurum Aurigan (aka Noddy) won the EVA95 at Naracoorte Horse Trials. Fantastic to see this new partnership so successful so quickly.

Most of our friends know what a special place Noddy has in our life and we are so happy he is with a super young rider like Issy and developing a fantastic partnership!


Isabeau Garner and Aurum Aurigan






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