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Chestnut Gelding

Date of Birth: 8th October 2008

Sire: Aurum Remarquable

Dam: Money Miss Spent

Suitable: Eventing, Dressage

*Sold to Emma Roan

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Note: Hardy has been seen to windsuck.

Hardy is a big impressive type with an outstanding quiet nature. He appears to be a fast learner and has taken everything we do with him in his stride. He is an extremely athletic horse which is no surprise given his pedigree and is sure to be an outstanding eventer. However he is also blessed with extremely good movement and will do high quality dressage as well.

He was our first foal by Hewey aka Aurum Remarquable who is now sadly no longer with us, so the few foals we managed to produce in that one season will be all that will ever be available. Hardy follows in his father's footsteps in some ways in that firstly he managed to break a couple of ribs during birth (it does happen occasionally) and secondly he is really, really pretty! The ribs were sorted after a few weeks confined to a box with strapping around his middle but the 'pretty' if anything has increased. Hardy showed his true nature in that long period (for a newborn foal with energy to burn) and was an absolute pleasure to do anything with.

When finally got the opportunity to put him in a paddock we were immediately impressed by his super presence and uphill, flashy trot. This is a foal with great possibilities in front of him. With his grandfather Regardez Moi making serious waves in the dressage world there's no surprise where the flashy movement comes from. His paternal grandmother Tidal Wave supplies her own quality movement as well as the jumping genetics we look for in a top eventer or showjumper. His mother Money Miss Spent has a ton of quality international performance blood in her veins, in particular a real preponderance of the Bay Ronald/Dark Ronald/Son In Law line which is so dominant in European dressage and jumping horses. On top of that Money Miss Spent is an absolute sweetheart and this probably contributes a great deal to Hardy's own nice nature.

Hardy will make a super dressage or eventing horse and is sure to excel in either pathway. We expect he will be as intelligent and trainable as his father was. He was named Hardy because we hoped that with his early rough start he would indeed be hardy like his father was. He has so far proved this to be the case.

Brilliant Invader filly
Brilliant Invader filly
Brilliant Invader filly
Brilliant Invader filly Brilliant Invader filly

Aurum Rememberance Pedigree

Aurum Remarquable

Regardez Moi

Romadour II



Angelo (Dark Ronald)



Swazi (Hyperion, Fairway, Dark Ronald, Phalaris)



Donnerhall (Dark Ronald)

Angelo Mare (Dark Ronald)

Tidal Wave
Rain Lover

Latin Lover (Precipitation/ Hyperion/ Phalaris)

Rain Spot (Hurry On/ Son In Law/ Fairway)


Emperor (Bay Ronald/ Blandford)

Lady Rego (Nasrullah/ Blandford)







Money Miss Spent

Rory's Jester
Crown Jester

Baguette (Nasrullah/ Hyprion/ Hurry On)

Anjudy (Wilkes/ Hurry On)

Rory's Rocket

Roan Rocket (Fair Play, Pharos/ Mumtaz Mahal/ Teddy/ Hurry On)

Cantadora (Bay Ronald/ Gainsborough, Phalaris)

Love Bird

Better Boy (Mumtaz Mahal/ Bay Ronald/ Gainsborough)

Royal Suite (Nasrullah/ Gainsborough/ Bay Ronald)

Hello Love

Adamastor (Bay Ronald/ Teddy/ Fair Trial)

Princess (Hyperion)

Priory Walk
Dancer's Image

Native Dancer (Polynesian/ Fair Play)

Noor's Image (Nasrullah/ Bay Ronald)

Kate's Intent

Intentionally (Discovery/ Fair Play)

Julie Kate (Teddy/ Fair Play)

Delma Jay

Advocator (Teddy/ Bay Ronald)

Bold Majesty (Teddy/ Nasrullah/ Fair Play)

La Ora

Le Filou (Teddy/ Son In Law)

Silver Rod (Pharos/ Dark Ronald/ Hurry On)

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