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Brilliant Connections is by the Brilliant Invader son Aurum Brilliant Cut out of Family Ties daughter Natheira. Family Ties is a well known line which has produced a large number of succesful showjumpers and eventers, several of which have gone overseas such as Eros (USA) and competed at international levels. Notable Family Ties horses in Australia are 4 star eventer King George, ridden by both Nick Roe and Shane Rose, The Kings Romance (3 star with Ian Balfour), Liaisons (Vicki Roycroft) and Coastal Ties (Vanda Morgan).

Brilliant Connections is a big, very attractive and nicely conformed type of foal, just made to canter! With his strong hock action we don't doubt that he will be able to jump. However he also has a really great temperament, loves to be around people and learns very quickly.

Super canter of course!

A really top jumping prospect!

Brilliant Invader/Family Ties colt
Brilliant Invader/Family Ties colt
Brilliant Invader/Family Ties colt

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