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Black or Dark Brown Filly

Date of Birth: 8th October 2008

Sire: Aurum Rivière d'Or

Dam: Cheval de Pas

Suitable: Dressage, Eventing

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Patty is our second foal by Aurum Rivière d'Or. She is the image of her father at this age. He is certainly throwing type very strongly. She is beautifully conformed with strong bone and is very uphill with a lovely neck. Like her sister Polly she is completely unflappable, very personable and very bold. She has outstanding movement of course and with her mix of strong dressage and jumping lines is likely to excel in either area.

Her father is in the early stages of his training under saddle and is simply soaking the lessons up! We expect the same of his foals. Her father carries the bloodlines of a myriad of famous dressage horses such as Rubinstein, Donnerhall and Consul plus some serious jumping blood as well through the Flooding connection.

Patty's mother Cheval de Pas (Tatiana) is a well put together mare with an excellent nature. She is by Baryshnikov who has produced a number of good eventing horses. Baryshnikov in turn is by Kenmare who has himself produced some top quality competition horses including Emily Anker's top 4* horse Keniski. Cheval de Pas' bloodline includes the well known sires Marco (one of the key root sires of the World's greatest showjumpers), Hurry On, Fair Trial, Nearco, Pharos, the famous mare line of Mumtaz Mahal (who also appears in many famous dressage pedigrees) to name a few of dozens, so it's no surprise where the succesful jumping progeny 'spring' from!

Patty will make an outstanding eventer or dressage horse and we expect her to be highly succesful in whichever path her life takes her.

Flooding/Daley K foal Flooding/Daley K foal
Flooding/Daley K foal

Aurum 'Patty' Pedigree

Aurum Rivière d'Or

Regardez Moi

Romadour II



Angelo (Dark Ronald)



Swazi (Hyperion, Fairway, Dark Ronald, Phalaris)



Donnerhall (Dark Ronald)

Angelo Mare (Dark Ronald)

Aurum Belle

Rain Lover (Precipitation/ Hyperion/ Phalaris/ Hurry On/ Son In Law/ Fairway)

Richanne (Bay Ronald/ Blandford/ Nasrullah)


Ragtime (Phalaris/ Son In Law)

Pushful (Nasrullah/ Precipitation)

Begum Belle
Vain King

Vain (Phalaris/ Son In Law/ Nasrullah/ Hyperion)

Gay Rebel (Phalaris/Son In Law)

Narre Belle

Derimar (Phalaris)

Gay Festival (Phalaris/Dark Ronald)

Cheval De Pas


Zeddaan (Nasrullah/ Phalaris)

Khairunissa (Fair Trial/ Nearco/ Mumtaz Mahal)

Belle Of Ireland

Milesian (Blandford/ Son In Law)

Belle of the Ball (Nasrullah/ Blandford)

Lady Giselle

Northern Dancer

Special (Hyperion/ Fair Trial/ Nasrullah/ Blandford)


Val De Loir (Blandford/ Phalaris)

Derna (Bay Ronald/ Teddy/ Marco)


Le Haar (Blandford)

Greensward (Nearco/ Dark Ronald)


Tulyar (Nearco/ Blandford)

Rose O'Lynn (Pharos/ Mumtaz Mahal/ Dark Ronald)

Silver Dream

Tudor Melody (Hyperion/ Nearco/ Dark Ronald)

Silver Streak (Hyperion/ Blandford/ Phalaris/ Marco)


Arragon (Hyperion/ Blandford/ Nearco)

Whitiora (Gainsborough/ Phalaris/ Dark Ronald)

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