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About Aurum!

Aurum is based in south central Victoria in Australia and is a partnership between Kim Jacobson and Richard Blackam. At Aurum we have been breeding performance horses for over 20 years, originally for our own purposes as Kim has been a long time competitor. A few years ago we decided to make some of these bloodlines available to other competitors. We have been fortunate over the years to source some of Australia's most succesful thoroughbred jumping bloodlines. These include horses such as Brilliant Invader, Souvenir, Macartney, Flooding, Favoured Bay and Family Ties. Virtually every Australian Olympic Team in living memory has included horses with these bloodlines in the eventing or showjumping categories. Several horses with these pedigrees have represented other countries as well, most notably Blyth Tait's sensational gold medallist Ready Teddy. Nowadays, with the demise of those original sires, there are very few stallions available to represent their bloodlines apart from those in the Aurum stable.

Our experience with purpose-bred jumpers using these bloodlines has shown us just how effective they can be and how pleasant it is to work with youngsters who have been raised and handled with a view to their future function. This aspect can't be emphasised strongly enough; the comparison between a failed racehorse and a purpose-produced competition horse is so vast as to be hard to believe until you experience it personally.

We are currently working with 3rd and 4th generation purpose-bred stock which includes proven performance mares in several lines and over the past few years we have started to combine some of our best jumping lines with strong european dressage lines to produce potentially world's best eventers. The first of these is about to be broken in: he is a 2 year old colt out of a Flooding line mare by Regardez Moi (Rubinstein/Donnerhall) and he has absolutely sensational movement of international Grand Prix quality, however we have no doubt that he will be able to jump as well!

Don't forget about the Dressage horses! For the past few years we have been running our dressage breeding programme in parallel to the jumping programme. Partly this is to support the jumping lines as mentioned above and partly as an end in itself. We have been using local and imported bloodlines carefully selected for movement and temperament with some impressive results.

Our clients include well-known local competitors as well as overseas riders. Equestrian sport is an exciting pastime and as we have good contacts with many top riders we can often match new owners with a good rider to campaign their horse. Imagine the opportunity to watch your horse compete in the Olympics from the owners' section! Best seats in the house!

If you would like more information please don't hesitate to contact us on +61 408 285555 (International) or 0408 285555 (Australia). We'd love to hear from you! Alternatively, email us.