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International Purchasers Information

At Aurum we have some very specific bloodlines which are renowned for producing jumping horses equal to or better than anything else in the world, especially for the sport of Eventing.

The Australian Sporthorse derives from predominantly Australian Thoroughbred stock with the addition of various amounts of other bloodlines (most commonly Warmbloods). These Australian Sporthorse lines have been proven time and again to produce tough, scopey horses with the courage, talent and movement to win Olympic Gold medals as well as numerous other big International titles.

The Eventing afficionado will immediately recognise the names Ready Teddy, Kibah Tic Toc, Kibah Sandstone, Sunburst and Peppermint Grove as Olympic medal winners. The bloodlines represented in these horses are featured strongly in our Aurum lines.

If you are an Eventing competitor anywhere in the world you have a unique opportunity to source state of the art purpose bred Australian Sporthorses through Aurum which are the result of our twenty year breeding programme. This breeding programme utilises a combination of proven performance mare lines (an often underestimated aspect) with proven performance sire lines. There is no question that it is possible to breed for all the characteristics which we value in our sport such as movement, temperament, scope, courage, toughness and endurance. Our mission is to produce outstanding International Performance Horses and to see them compete at the highest levels.

Apart from the significant benefit of accessing bloodlines which are uncommon outside of Australia, one other advantage is that purchasing an Australian Sporthorse directly from Australia represents considerably better value than purchasing horses in most other developed territories such as the USA, UK and EU even when you add shipping costs. However just because the prices are lower doesn't mean that the quality is less, quite the reverse!

We encourage the purchase of younger stock, and indeed most of our horses have been sold as youngsters (less than 18 months old). Older or 'going' horses are occasionally available.

At Aurum we can assist with all aspects of the selection, purchase and shipping of our horses to almost anywhere that eventers exist! Just ask us!