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What our customers say about Aurum...

It's nice to get so much positive feedback from our customers. People often say our horses are our best advertisement and while that may well be true there's no doubt that our customers' word of mouth 'advertising' is a tremendous endorsement. Perhaps the best encouragement a prospective new purchaser can have is to see how many happy clients Aurum already has.

Here are a few of the correspondences we have received:

From Anne-Marie and Steve, Drouin.

Hi Kim, Hi Richard,

Some more photos taken last night of our new foal. I think we might call her Belle as she is pretty cute, her mum's name is French and there are a lot of "Belles" in her pedigree on both sides.

Tatiana is a great mum and she looks really happy and proud of herself. :-)

Thank you so much for lending Tat to us.

Please put this testimonial on your website for us:

We are first time breeders and Kim and Richard have been great. My first contact with them was through their website which I found to be excellent and very informative. We were able to view all of Aurum's stallions as well as videos and pedigrees and pretty much choose from there without even having to pick up the phone! Then we had a lot of trouble getting our mare in foal. Kim was very helpful over the phone with advice and never spoke down to me even though I had very little idea about the process. Finally when we were ready to give up after numerous attempts with our mare, Kim and Richard lent us one of their mares Tatiana (Cheval de pas). She got pregnant first time and gave birth two days ago to a lovely very long legged filly. Yay!! So thank you Kim and Richard for all your help, advice and kindness.  

Anne-Marie and Steve. Drouin, Victoria.

From Suzanne S. WA

Hi Kim,

Rua has been sat on/broken for about a year now.  She's going well and we have been progressing well but a bit slowly for my liking!  I've had to give her a break for the moment as she is a bit foot sore with the ground going from very soft and wet to rocky and hard very quickly.  I'm sure she will be fine in about a week.  My arena and house are finally finished and we moved in now.  We initially didn't have any paddocks set up for the horses and they spent all their time standing by the house.  It was funny to walk out the front door only to be confronted by a rather large chestnut bum in the way!!  I've attched some photos for you. 



From Linda M, NSW

Hi Kim and Richard

This email is long overdue, we hope that everything is OK?  Long time no hear or see. 

Just letting you know that Barack is still doing and going along really well.  I think my last correspondence to you was before I backed him back in January?  Anyway, that all went really well, no dramas.  I didn't do a whole lot with him, just on and off and in the arena poking about at the walk and trot and some very minimal canter - he was great, no sign of anything.  He felt amazing but as you would appreciate it was very basic.  I have to be honest, he is going to be a bit of a lazy lad but that is by far better than the alternative.  He graduated to out in the paddock for just walking and trotting and if we got into it a wee bit of canter up the very mild slope.  I really only rode him for about the three weeks with two or three days on and one off etc.  I then popped him out in the paddock but this time not down with Red but up here right in the paddock behind the house.  He is a bit spoilt I fear!  He is enjoying his time being a horse.  He is surrounded by other horses and sheep - plenty of buddies and me rugging him and unrugging him daily, feeding etc.

I am trying not to get too excited about him but can't help myself on most days!  I have been competing the other two horses and both have been going along nicely.  One more comp this weekend before a month or two break from comps - the weather has been pretty coolish.

I hope everyone with you are going along well?  How is Mary Poppins?  How are Elle and Cleo?  How are you both for that matter?

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes

Linda (and Gordon) 

From Suzanne S., WA...

Please find attached a photo of Aurum Weltschale (Rua) with her saddle on.  I haven't been doing very much at all with her because we are trying to build a house and I am very busy with another horse in work.  But she has taken everything in her stride and I am very pleased with her calm temperament.  Hopefully this weekend she will have the bridle on and then in a few weeks I will get on.  I don't think she will any trouble at all!  She doesn't like apples and loves scratched under her neck.  I still haven't registered her with the EAWA or with the AWHA and probably won't bother with AWHA but might go with ACE instead.  I plan to have her going well under saddle by the end of the year and then start to take her out next year possibly in preparation for the young dressage horse competition.  At any rate I should be able to supply you with better and more regular photos.


From Julie B., NSW...

Hi Kim and Richard,

just a quick update on Moby.

Think I told you he is now back in work, and going sooo.. kindly under saddle. He is just a delight to work with in all areas, and is an engaging character, that has certainly touched our hearts!

His movement is developing, despite the fact he is still rather unbalanced. A very exciting prospect for the future. You will be proud of him.

Pics of Moby:

The following is a letter which was sent to Cyberhorse (I promise we did not write this ourselves!!!):

Dear Bill and Bernie,

I just wanted to write and tell you about my recent dealings with Aurum Performance Horses whom I discovered via an advertisement on Cyberhorse.

I was looking to buy a weanling filly as a future dressage prospect.

My first impressions of Aurum were formed by their fantastic web site. Short of price tag I was able to find the information to answer the many questions one usually asks prior to the first inspection. It contains all of the information that usually takes a telephone call and a couple of trips to the post box to gather. Every horse that is for sale has their own page complete with pedigree, lots of images and good quality, representative video footage. The brood mares have their own page also. Again there are lots of images. There is even a foal watch diary!

Furthermore the website is current as it is regularly updated. The most remarkable thing about my first contact with Aurum was the straight-down-the-line, telephone conversation that I had with Kim Jacobson. There was no over the top, effusive sales pitch, there were no pushy tactics and unlike some of the studs that I contacted subsequently, there was apparently no need to be derogatory about the progeny, reputation and/or horsemanship of other breeders.

When I visited Aurum, I saw two beautiful foals both of whom were well depicted by the web site. The visit was very professional, yet very relaxed and informal. Kim and Richard were genuinely proud to be showing off their young charges rather than being preoccupied with trying to sell them. At this point I was very taken with a black Weltmeyer filly that would become known as Aurum Weltelina...

Several weeks passed and I was able to look at lots of weanlings and young horses from all over Australia, New Zealand and even a few from Denmark! In terms of breeding, quality, type, conformation, movement; (not to mention value for money) I could not find anything else that I liked; certainly not in a filly! A second visit to Aurum confirmed my first impression. Weltelina was the one!

So we proceeded to have Weltelina thoroughly vet checked, including a full set of radiographs, laryngeal scope etc. As testament to the care and management that she had received at Aurum, Weltelina was found to have excellent conformation, correct movement and to be perfectly sound in every way. Kim and Richard were very accommodating during this process; rescheduling work and prior commitments and arranging transport to ensure that this could all take place.

Now I am the proud owner of a beautifully bred weanling filly, who has been given the very best care such that she has passed the most stringent of vet checks and is a dream to handle.

Within a couple of days of arriving home she settled in beautifully. We have found her to be very confident and very easy to do anything with despite her young age.

Whilst I could wax lyrical about my new baby and all the dreams that I have for her future, only time will tell. What I really wanted to tell you is just how pleasant it was to deal with Kim Jacobson and Richard Blackam and to encourage anyone who is looking for a weanling or young performance horse to contact Aurum Performance Horses with their enquiry.

With kind regards and much appreciation for the introduction,

Fiona Anderson

Aurum Weltelina aka 'Candy'

Frequently we get little notes and photos from our 'babies' new homes and we really appreciate these. It's almost a prerequisite that you have to send us updates and photos!

From Dianne F., SA...

Hi Kim and Richard,

Well we arrived home safe and well.  Had a good trip back.  As mentioned to Richard, at one stage we pulled over at Nhill to check on things and Shaun opened the door to the float and found Dale asleep and Mega happily munching on hay.  According to Dale, Mega travelled really well – no issues – he was a little champion.

and later...

Hope all is well with you.  Dry over here – bush fire scare yesterday.  Mega still the little entertainer.

and later again...

Speaking of him (Mega), he was somewhat mischievous whilst we were away - running off with Shaun's tools (whilst he was connecting water in the paddock) and playing havoc with the water trough.

He spends a lot of time playing IN the trough. Guess we won't have a problem with him when it comes to the water jump in cross country.

and later again...

Having been meaning to send you some updated footage of Mega but he can be a difficult fellow to video. When he wants to turn it on and impress, we don't have a video handy. When we expect him to 'impress', he plays cool.

Anyway, he is proving to be a real character - and bold - as these photos indicate - taken only today. Nothing seems to phase him - other than when the other horses go off to work etc and he gets left alone in his paddock.

an update from Kim and Richard:

We were recently able to visit Derby and Mega in their new home thanks to the generous hospitality of their new family. They have both well and truly fitted in and Mega is certainly still the cheeky personality he always was! He loves attention and always calls when he sees you near his paddock.

Derby is still the 'cuddler' and is so willing to do whatever you ask. We watched him under saddle and it reminded us of his brother Aurum Rivière d'Or at the same age.

Aurum Revoir aka 'Derby' (left) and Aurum Simply Brilliant aka 'Mega'

From Claudia P., Victoria...

Hi Kim

Well, one day on, and Patty is fitting in nicely.  She and Aussie have a nice bond, she skips along behind him everywhere.  He is putting her in her place when required, and is more then happy for her to bite and nibble his rug, much to my disgust, but what do you do, I think put the old one on him!  She was very happy to have scratches and cuddles this morning, and always comes to the gate when I walk over.  I love it! 

Devo is still stressing on his side of the fence.  I guess it's quite emotional for him too, as he and Aussie have been paddock buddies for two years.  He is getting better by the hour, but was neighing a bit through the night.  Aussie and Patty were eating hay at the other end of the paddock, poor Devo.  So all in all, a great first day.

After riding Devo today, Aussie and Patty came cantering down to his end of their paddock, to welcome him back, it was very sweet.

Patty and Aussie


Hi Kim

I did Patty's rugging yesterday without putting her halter on. She looked at the rug, and kept eating, sweet!

and later again...

Hi Kim

I just realised yesterday, that Patty is almost ONE! I can't believe it.

Where has the time gone! The horses got spooked by a low flying helicopter on friday, and were galloping around the house like idiots. Man can she move, and graceful. She was trying so hard to keep up with the boys, but it wasn't going to happen. They kept stopping for her to catch up though, before they took off again. Very scary, but very pretty too. Good old feed bucket will get Devo's attention, and they all came into the paddock, my heart settled quickly after that.
Aurum Rain Dancer aka 'Patty'

From Charlott and Rhys B., NZ...

Just wanted to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and send you some recent photos of our Jive Magic yearling.

He is now a gelding and is starting to grow quite a bit. We had trouble over winter putting weight on him so we had his teeth done and since then he has started gaining better condition. He has been awesome to have at home, he is very friendly and always wants you to do things with him.

Hope all is well on your stud. We will continue to keep you up to date.

Aurum Je Suis aka 'Felix'

and later...

Hi Kim

Just thought I would send you some up to date pictures of the Jivemagic colt (Felix) we bought off you.  He has been broken and is now turned out again.  We like to get them broken early but they don't do much.  I never saw him going under saddle but apparently he was great, very balanced and up hill.  I will send you photos in about 6 months when I will be riding him ;)


From Cindy W., SA...

Just letting you know Benny arrived well and happy. He loaded straight in the float and rode like an angel all the way home.

Have left him in the stable and put a quiet and sensible horse in the yard next to him. He was a bit nervous of the new place, but didn’t hesitate to straight away start eating.

He is a bit nervous of me at this stage, but I will spend an hour or so handling him everyday and shouldn’t take long for him to get used to me. He’s a beautiful colour, even better than his pictures on the internet.

I will keep you informed on his progress.

and later...

Just letting you know that Benny has settled in fine. I have his paddock ready for him and he will go out there tomorrow with the 2yo I have. He was a bit nervous of me for the start, but now he calls out to me to feed him and he loves his head scratched when ever I go near him or my Dad goes near him. Dad has fallen in love with him as well. So he has heaps of people to spoil him.

Aurum Darth Invader aka 'Benny'

From Julie B., NSW...

Just to give you an update,

Moby is going for breaking in next week. He is certainly developing into an impressive type, and can move, so we will see how he copes with everything else. Still has a separation issue when taken out of his comfort zone, ie the paddock, but is a delightful "person", and feel that this will help give him more important things to think about!

Bodie is the most beautiful young filly. She is thriving and happy with her paddock mates........... and growing beautifully, with pasture that has been the best we have seen in years, amongst other things. Shame we have to wait to see her potential, but it is all part of the very worthwhile process. Dreamie has obviously produced another beautiful foal in Heidi, with the added special touch of Hewey.


Moby has been on a break and came home yesterday to continue training. He is delightful and soooo quiet and trainable.

Aurum Brilliant Connections aka 'Moby' (left) and Aurum Boadicea aka 'Bodie'