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We believe that the early months of a foal's life are critical to prepare it for the best outcome and longevity as a riding horse. Our foals are well handled from birth, are taught to lead from day one and have their feet done regularly. All our foals are people-oriented; people are part of their daily life from the start and co-operating with people is normal for them. People visiting us for the first time almost always comment on how friendly the youngsters are!

They are all wormed regularly, well fed and vaccinated so we know that their competition careers won’t be interrupted or shortened as a result of inadequate early care. This is especially important in order to avoid long term health problems such as anaemia, colic or irreparable damage to the intestinal tract. Foals which are not wormed appropriately can experience poor development and growth, impaired performance capability and lowered resistance to disease even carrying through to later life. It pays to know where you are buying your foal from!

2015 Foals expected

With the outstanding performances of Aurum horses over the recent year, there is no doubt our combinations produce reliable and predictable quality results. There are only three foals being bred this year. They will all be amazing prospects and all are for sale. If you are considering one of our youngsters the opportunity this year is limited, so don't miss out.

Rivière d'Or X Dreamie
(aka Punch)

Bay colt - 21 December 2015

Sire: Rivière d'Or

Dam: Dreamie (Family Ties)

Suitable: Dressage, eventing.

Estimated mature height: 16.3hh


This will be a special foal with a great temperament, amazing trainability and super athletic ability. Dreamie's previous foals have include the stunning Mietta (retained by the stud), MiMi and Heidi. Heidi in particular is almost identical in bloodlines to this combination since her sire (Aurum Remarquable) was almost a full brother to Rivière d'Or.


Aurum Punch

Rivière d'Or X Money Miss Spent
(aka Pound)

Chestnut colt - 7 January 2016

Sire: Rivière d'Or

Dam: Money Miss Spent (Rory's Jester)

Suitable: Dressage, eventing.

Estimated mature height: 16.3hh


This is another special foal who will have a great temperament, amazing trainability and super athletic ability. Money Miss Spent produced some cracker youngsters for us with notably super temperaments and athleticisim including Miss Bobbi (Aurum Brilliant Flood) and Hardy (Aurum Rememberance). Hardy is so talented and quiet that we decided to try and recreate the cross. Sadly his sire Aurum Remarquable is no longer with us but Rivière d'Or is almost identical in bloodlines and ability so we expect a fantastic result with this cross.

Aurum Pound

Aurum Brilliant Cut X BP Montana


Sire: Aurum Brilliant Cut

Dam: BP Montana (Daley K)

Suitable: Eventing, showjumping.

Estimated mature height: 16.2hh


We refer to Brilliant Cut as 'The King' around Aurum because his foals have everything the high performing event rider could need. They are all bold and super confident with outstanding movement and incredible jumping ability. More than one rider has referred to one or more of his progeny as 'a freak'. Well we can tell you he produces a lot of 'freaks'! To produce an event horse you won't go wrong with him over pretty much any mare, he stamps them so strongly. However with a special mare you may get a real 'freak' even by Brilliant Cut's standards. BP Montana is one of those special mares, producing horses with fantastic temperaments, great movement and great jumping ability. This will be a super foal for sure!