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Aurum Flash Flood

10 Mar 1996, Brown, 15.3hh

Service Fee $1400

Flash Flood is by Flooding, a horse who sired several top showjumpers including Another Flood who competed in several Olympics. Flooding also has the jumping world's 'root' sire Precipitation in his pedigree as well as important sires including the Son In Law/Dark Ronald/Bay Ronald family tree which have so influenced both the dressage and jumping fields in European warmblood breeding. The great Precipitation is possibly one of the most influential jumping sires of all time. Precipitation sired Furioso whose own stallion sons have dominated warmblood jumping breeding in France, Germany, Holland and Belgium for many, many years.

Flash Flood's dam, Daisy, was a highly talented purpose bred eventer who succesfully competed to one star level in the days when one star was somewhat more challenging than it seems to be now!  She was a sensationally bold jumper with no fear! Her sire was Sterling King who succesfully competed at three star level himself. Daisy is out of a Black Pampas mare, a line which has been highly sought after for jumping horses in Australia. Through both her sire and dam her blood contains several strong jumping sires including Bay Ronald, Phalaris, Nearco and others.

Flash Flood is blessed with exceptional movement as can be seen in the videos. He will produce outstanding eventing youngsters.

Flash Flood's progeny can be expected to share their father's love of jumping. When first free jumping him he required virtually no encouragement, happily cantering through the grid on his own (in both directions!). He shows simply beautiful natural technique, self carriage and balance.

Aurum Flash Flood

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Flash Flood


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