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Progeny from Aurum's Stallions

We are very proud to show off some of the babies that our stallions have produced for some of our clients. If you have bred a foal from Aurum's stallions, we'd love to put some pics here for the world to see.

You can find more of our stallions' foals on our own youngstock page.


Chestnut Filly - 2008

Sire: Aurum Brilliant Cut

Dam: Shenanigans (ISH)

Breeder: Debra Brew

'she is a lovely girl'


Chestnut Filly - 11 December 2008

Sire: Aurum Rivière d'Or

Dam: Just In Control

Breeder: Michelle Nichols

'Thought you might enjoy some up to date pics of Rain. She is growing more and more stunning by the day and she can move!!'


Bay Colt - 15 November 2008

Sire: Aurum Alloy

Dam: 'Twiggy'

Breeder: Fritha Keeble

He's a very cute little fellow with a very bold personality even at just a week old!


Bay Colt - 2 October 2008

Sire: Aurum Remarquable

Dam: Stylish Odds

Breeder: Liz Irwin

Splinter is absolutely gorgeous, huge and loves people. First foal by Aurum Remarquable.


Bay Filly - late December 2006

Sire: Aurum Invader

Dam: MPCSU Coolamon (Pfrinzen)

Breeder: Munt/Bektash families

"Holly has a very pretty head with star...

Holly continues to thrive and has become the most gorgeous personality and has the best temperament..."

Brilliant Invader foal
Brilliant Invader foal
Brilliant Invader foal

Cut The Ties

Bay Colt - December 2005

Sire: Aurum Brilliant Cut

Dam: Natheira (Family Ties)

Breeder: Liz Irwin

"A nicely put together colt with good movement."

Brilliant Invader foal

Star Invader

Bay Filly - 2005

Sire: Aurum Brilliant Cut

Dam: KP Hope

Breeder: Lyn Hardman

"Great temperament and very pretty!"